EVgo and 7-Eleven EV Charging Cooperation Case


The partnership between EVgo and 7-Eleven is another typical example of commercial electric vehicle charging cooperation. This collaboration brings benefits to both parties. For EVgo, this cooperation expands the coverage of the EVgo charging network and provides electric vehicle users with more convenient charging options. EVgo charging stations charge very quickly, allowing electric vehicle users to fully charge their batteries in a short time. This collaboration also increases EVgo’s brand awareness and attracts more potential customers. For 7-Eleven, the partnership has attracted more customer traffic. Electric vehicle users often rest or spend money in 7-Eleven stores while charging, providing 7-Eleven with a new customer base. Additionally, the partnership raises 7-Eleven’s profile as a premier destination for electric vehicle enthusiasts.

Factors for successful EVgo and 7-Eleven Collaboration

Both parties have the same goal: EVgo wants to expand the coverage of its charging network, while 7-Eleven wants to attract more customers. The goals of both parties are consistent, which provides a good foundation for cooperation.

The cooperation between the two parties is flexible: EVgo provides 7-Eleven with free charging piles, while 7-Eleven provides advertising and promotion for EVgo. The cooperation method between the two parties is flexible and is conducive to maximizing the interests of both parties.

The partnership was highly publicized: EVgo and 7-Eleven both heavily promoted the partnership, which set the stage for its success.

The success of this collaboration demonstrates the huge market potential for commercial electric vehicle charging. By partnering with other businesses, EV charging providers can expand market share and provide customers with a more convenient charging experience.

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EVgo and 7-Eleven Collaboration Details

Scope of cooperation: hundreds of 7-Eleven convenience stores in the United States and Canada

Cooperation method: EVgo provides free charging piles to 7-Eleven, while 7-Eleven provides advertising and promotion for EVgo

Promotion of the partnership: Both EVgo and 7-Eleven have heavily promoted the partnership, including on their website, social media, and traditional media

The success of this collaboration provides a model for other electric vehicle charging providers to work with commercial enterprises.

What Can Learn From EVgo and 7-Eleven Cooperation?

Choose the right partner: A partner whose goals and needs are consistent with your own can provide a good foundation for cooperation.

Flexible cooperation methods: Flexible cooperation methods are conducive to maximizing the interests of both parties.

Vigorous publicity: Vigorous publicity can increase the visibility and influence of the cooperation.

By learning from these success stories, EV charging providers can improve their chances of success in working with commercial enterprises.

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