Public Charging Pile Charges Rise, Is the Prophecy Come True or the Situation Is Unavoidable?


The lower cost of the car has always been the biggest advantage of new energy vehicles, attracting many consumers to buy. However, when a new wave of consumers want to turn into the embrace of new energy vehicles, but was caught off guard to find that the public charging pile charging charges quietly rose, and the rate of increase is faster, individual areas have exceeded 2 yuan / degree. Charging costs are not an exception, the second half of last year, and Jiangsu neighboring Shanghai, Anhui, Shandong and other places one after another rumors of multiple charging pile brand charging price increase news, up from 10% to double.

In this regard, many netizens jokingly said: new energy vehicle costs are gradually approaching the fuel car. At the same time, there have been oil car owners predicted: new energy vehicles with relatively low car costs because its market is not yet saturated, when a certain size of the market, charging prices will certainly rise. In the face of growing market ownership of new energy vehicles, is the prediction not true? As a large province of new energy vehicle ownership, China's Jiangsu Province, whether there are new changes?

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Jiangsu slight fluctuations in the rate of increase is not large

At 11:00 a.m., Nanjing dropshipping driver Wang Run completed a few orders, rolled to the Qinhuai District Luolang Lane parking lot fast charging point. Has figured out the charging pile charge law, he said: "This time period charging relatively few people, this charging point price is almost the lowest public charging pile charges in Nanjing, electricity 0.9 yuan / degree, service charge 0.15 yuan / degree." It is said that the spring river water is warm ducks know first, for this round of large-scale price increase tide, engaged in the operation of the drop nearly 6 years of Wang Run keenly felt: "Nanjing part of the time to rise slightly, the electricity fee increase is not large, but the service fee rise is particularly obvious." He said that in previous years, the service fee concessions are stronger, on average, only 0.6 yuan per kilowatt-hour, or even lower, but now most of the public charging pile charges have reached 1.15 yuan/degree. Even with a discount of eighty-six percent, the service fee is also required to 0.32 yuan/degree.

Subsequently, the reporter viewed the public charging pile charging price of several places near Guangzhou Road through Gaode map, and found that most of the fast-charging price is more than 1.3 yuan/degree, of which most of the service fee is more than 0.5 yuan/degree, located in the underground parking lot of Aisheng Tiandi's Tesla Super Charging Station, the charging price is already as high as 1.99 yuan/degree, of which the service fee is 1.16 yuan/degree. Although the charging prices of the same brand in different locations are not the same, they are kept in a reasonable range.

By coincidence, Nantong's new energy vehicle owner Wan Zheyuan also found that from the second half of last year, the local public charging pile charge price compared with the beginning of the year appeared to rise by 10%. According to his recollection, the same charging pile, charging charges in January last year, about 1 yuan / degree, has recently risen to 1.16 yuan. Wan Zheyuan admitted: "Slightly up, but still acceptable, compared with the fuel car, the cost of using the car is still very save." He told reporters that during the Spring Festival he is going back to his hometown in Shandong, and is currently planning to leave the territory of Jiangsu before fully charged.

Although, this round of large-scale price increases did not have too many waves of Jiangsu, but the changes are still obvious. December 1 last year, Jiangsu formally implemented the "Provincial Development and Reform Commission to refine the implementation of" 28 "to optimize and improve the electric vehicle charging and switching facilities electricity pricing policy", clear electric vehicle charging and switching facilities operators or owners of the premises, combined with the characteristics of their own charging, the choice of the implementation of time-sharing tariffs policy. At the same time, it is advocated to guide electric vehicle charging and switching facility operators to develop service fees based on cost compensation and reasonable returns.

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Why is the charging price of charging piles charging more and more expensive?

Public charging pile charging prices rose extensively, the reason why? The staff of State Grid Jiangsu Electric Vehicle Service Co., Ltd. revealed to the reporter: "This round of price increases, not only with the cost, policy and other factors are inseparable, but also with the operator's business strategy." He introduced that the operating costs of public charging piles mainly include electricity, equipment depreciation, repair and maintenance, labor management and so on. Among them, electricity is the biggest cost, accounting for about 60% to 70%. In recent years, as the country adjusted its electricity pricing policy and canceled the preferential policies for charging new energy vehicles, superimposed on the imbalance between electricity supply and demand caused by other factors, it led to a general increase in electricity prices across the country. According to statistics, in October 2023, the national average selling price per kWh was 0.6 yuan, up 20% from 0.5 yuan in October 2022. He admits, "The current operating cost of public charging piles has indeed increased compared to previous years."

Meanwhile, the pricing policy of public charging piles is also an important factor affecting its price change. Since 2015, public charging stations for new energy vehicles have sprung up. As the new energy vehicle market was still in the budding stage of development at that time, in order to encourage and support its development, the state and local governments have introduced various policies to subsidize public charging piles to a certain extent. However, in recent years, as the new energy vehicle market matures, the government has gradually canceled or reduced the subsidies and preferential policies for public charging piles, and released its pricing autonomy, which means that public charging pile operators of various brands can adjust their prices according to the market supply and demand situation and their own profit needs.

Operators say that they are not making money and have been losing money!

Along with the charging pile charging price increase, each brand charging pile operators were pushed to the tip of the storm. Many consumers cried out: "The operator has become a big winner, and we have once again become a cut leek." The operators also cried foul after hearing this, exclaiming, "We have been losing money!" Why there will be two very different voices at the same time? Especially in recent years, as a strategic emerging industry of new energy vehicles, is becoming an important engine of high-quality economic development. At the same time, the upstream and downstream industries around new energy vehicles are also regarded as sunrise industries by the public.

Why will the sunrise industry not make money?

The reporter contacted the star charging pile customer service by phone, the explanation is: "In addition to electricity prices and policy-related factors, the initial investment is too large, the late maintenance costs are also very high, the market competition is large, and it is too difficult to make a profit." It was revealed that the construction cost of a single gun is about 100,000 yuan, plus charging service fees, charging differentials and other income, at least three and a half years to realize the equipment back to the capital. However, the charging pile in the operation of the rent, operation and maintenance, labor and other costs, so a public charging pile at least 4 years to get the equipment back to the capital.

In addition, due to fierce competition, too many charging piles in the market lead to low utilization rate, which is also the main factor that is not yet profitable. Along with the expansion of the new energy vehicle market, in order to solve the contradiction of "charging difficulty", large-scale promotion of public charging pile installation around the world. Nanjing, for example, Nanjing city center public charging pile has realized an average of 900 meters to see the pile, public charging pile pile ratio reached 6.9:1, higher than the national average of 7.9:1. Nanjing has maintained the growth trend of adding 3,000 public charging piles per year in recent years, and there are currently more than 27,000 public charging piles in Nanjing.

"The higher the utilization rate of charging piles, the greater the profit space." Some industry insiders introduced, if you want to protect the normal revenue, each charging pile utilization rate needs to reach about 20% in order to achieve profitability, but after calculations, most of the public charging pile average utilization rate is less than 10%. The number of charging piles continues to increase, the market competition has also come, how do operators want to make a profit? Automotive analyst Zhang Xiang said: from the market pattern, the charging pile operation market is moving towards centralization, is expected in the next 5 years, the charging pile operation industry will further mature, technology, market, profit model will be higher. Another professional believes that, at present, charging pile enterprises, car companies are in the charging pile market to accelerate the run. Surviving this time is the winner, suggesting that public charging pile operators to broaden their business and get more benefits.

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