There are Three Major Pain Points in Public Charging Piles


Parking space is occupied Few charging piles Charging price is high

News from this newspaper in Tianjin (Reporter Wan Xiaodong) Recently, the Tianjin Consumers Association released a survey report on the use of public charging piles for new energy vehicles in Tianjin. The report shows that charging parking spaces are occupied, the number of charging piles is small, parking space is small, charging prices are high, parking fees are high, operation and maintenance and safety are low, there are many types of charging APPs that are not universal, system updates are slow, and APP operations are cumbersome, etc. This is the feeling of most new energy vehicle users. Among them, occupied charging parking spaces, small number of charging piles, and high charging prices have become the three major pain points of public charging piles. In addition, the report shows that new energy vehicle users pay little attention to the metering and verification of public charging piles.

Parking space occupancy satisfaction score is lowest

According to reports, in order to better understand the usage and service satisfaction of new energy vehicle users with public charging piles, as well as their expectations and suggestions for the future development of public charging piles, to better provide references and suggestions to the government and relevant departments, and to further optimize Tianjin. Regarding the city’s new energy vehicle charging service system, the Tianjin Consumers Association conducted this survey. The survey mainly targets users who own new energy vehicles in Tianjin and have used public charging piles for charging in the past three months. It also involves users of new energy vehicles for four different purposes: household, business, operation, and freight. The survey mainly focuses on public charging The overall configuration of the piles, convenience of use, convenience of payment, accuracy of settlement, reasonableness of charging fees, parking space occupancy, and rationality of charging pile layout are evaluated.

The survey results show that the overall satisfaction score of new energy vehicle users with public charging piles is 78.4 points. Satisfaction with the overall configuration of public charging piles is the highest, with a score of 81.4 points; satisfaction with settlement accuracy and payment convenience is high, with scores above 80 points; satisfaction with charging prices and parking space occupancy is low, especially with parking space occupancy. 71.4 points.

The main problems reported by new energy vehicle users when using public charging piles include 5 aspects: In terms of infrastructure, "charging parking spaces are occupied" is the most serious problem, accounting for 46.3%, followed by "a small number of charging piles" ” (40.5%) and “Narrow parking spaces or parking spaces” (30.5%); in terms of payment/fees, “high charging prices” (37.6%) and “high parking fees” (30.1%) are significant issues; in terms of safety , "The level of operation and maintenance and safety protection is low" (30.0%) and "Charging piles are old and damaged and cannot be charged" (22.6%) problems are reported more frequently; in terms of measurement, "charging settlement prices are inaccurate" accounted for than 12.6%; in terms of APP usage, more than 20% of consumers reported that "there are many types of charging apps and inconsistent information", "slow updates" and "APP operations are cumbersome".

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It is recommended to plan the pile placement more rationally

In response to the results of this survey, the Tianjin Consumers Association suggested that relevant departments should plan the deployment of piles more rationally, speed up the filling of shortcomings in charging infrastructure in the road network between key urban areas, and increase the proportion of fast charging piles; strengthen the construction and operation of public charging piles Supervision and inspection, guide public charging pile service providers to carry out standardized operations, and ensure the quality and safety of facilities and services.

At the same time, we will continue to promote the construction of the service "One Network" APP, maintain and update it in a timely manner, promote APP applications through multiple channels, and increase public awareness and usage of the APP; strengthen information disclosure and release, and improve the transparency of users' use of public charging piles. and convenience; guide the pricing of public charging pile services and widely publicize pricing standards; actively publicize metrology laws and regulations, guide consumers to pay attention to the measurement and verification of public charging piles, and urge business entities to strengthen daily inspections and maintenance of equipment, and regular declarations for mandatory verification.

Operators should publish charging standards

The Tianjin Consumers Association pointed out that public charging pile service operators should carry out differentiated layouts based on users’ places of residence, travel places and destinations. At the same time, they can carry out a reasonable ratio of AC and DC charging piles in different venues; simplify APP operation interface, real-time updates of charging pile usage status and electricity price display, and a user fault feedback mechanism in the APP; Before public charging piles are put into operation, they must undergo strict factory safety inspection and a qualified sign must be posted in a conspicuous position; Costs that users are concerned about In terms of problems, it is recommended to post the charging standards for different periods in a conspicuous position on the charging pile body; to carry out differentiated management of fuel vehicles and new energy vehicles through the installation of ground locks, intelligent identification devices and other technical means to solve the problem of charging parking spaces being occupied by non-electric vehicles The problem.

The public charging pile industry association can take the lead in product testing and spot checks to ensure the stability and safety of charging piles. Operators should increase daily maintenance, regular inspections, and establish facility management files.

The Tianjin Consumers Association reminds consumers to pay more attention to the safety testing of public charging piles and learn more about the safety testing standards of charging piles; pay more attention to the safety of public charging piles and check the appearance, components and wires of charging piles before use. In good condition, please contact the maintenance personnel for feedback in time if there is a malfunction or abnormal situation; Pay more attention to the relevant information of metering and verification, especially when charging at public charging piles. At the same time, actively cooperate with the verification work of relevant departments, and pay more attention to the relevant information of metering and verification. Provide information feedback on metered and calibrated charging piles or facilities that have exceeded the calibration period, and actively make reasonable suggestions; In the process of using public charging piles, if you encounter charging piles with opaque prices and no qualified marks, promptly complain and give feedback to protect your legitimate rights and interests. Jointly promote the healthy development of the public charging pile industry.

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