What is the Electric Car Charging Station Wholesale Price?


Electric car charging station price may vary depending on a number of factors including charging level, power output, features, manufacturer and quantity. The three main levels of charging stations are Level 1 (slowest), Level 2 (faster) and DC fast chargers (fastest). DC fast chargers are usually the most expensive. The higher the power output the higher the cost of the station. Smart chargers with features such as internet connectivity, payment options and data tracking will be more expensive than basic models. Well-known brands and smaller orders usually cost more per unit than lesser-known brands and volume orders.

Electric Car Charging Station Retail Price

The retail price of an electric car charging station is the price that a consumer pays to purchase the station from a retailer. This price typically includes the cost of the charger itself, as well as any additional accessories or installation services.

Retail price ranges for electric vehicle charging stations

Level 1 charging stations generally cost between $100-200 (different suppliers offer different prices)

Level 2 charging stations are generally $500-5000+ (some high-power models can cost up to $10,000)

DC fast chargers generally cost more than $25,000-75,000 (prices vary depending on the function)

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Popular electric vehicle charging station models and their retail prices

Lectron V-Box Level 2 EV Charger ($469.99)

Juicebox 32 Amp NEMA 14-50 25' White Electric Vehicle Charger ($549.00)

Wallbox Pulsar Plus Level 2 Electric Vehicle Smart Charger ($649.00)

Tesla Universal Wall Connector Level 2 Hardwired Electric Vehicle Charger ($574.00-$620.00)

The retail price of an electric car charging station can vary widely depending on a number of factors. However, with careful planning and research, you can find a charger that fits your needs and budget.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Wholesale Prices

Wholesale prices for electric car charging stations are significantly lower than retail prices, but obtaining them usually requires buying in bulk directly from the manufacturer or an authorized dealer.

Electric car charging station price range

Level 1 electric car charging station prices range from $100 - $200 (similar to retail)

Level 2 in the $300 - $3,000 range (20-50% below retail)

DC fast chargers in the $15,000 - $50,000 range (significant discount from retail)

Factors affecting wholesale electric vehicle charging station prices

Wholesale Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) - Manufacturers typically require a minimum purchase quantity to qualify for wholesale pricing.

Electric car charging station manufacturer and brand - Electric car charging station prices may be slightly higher for well-known brands compared to lesser-known brands.

Features - Basic models will be cheaper than models with advanced features such as internet connectivity or data tracking.

Find wholesale electric car charging station prices

Many electric car charging station manufacturers provide contact information for wholesale inquiries on their websites.

Platforms such as Alibaba and Made in China offer wholesale electric car chargers, but it's important to carefully research the reputation of the supplier.

Considerations for wholesale electric car chargers

Although the price per unit is lower, consider the shipping costs for buying in bulk. If buying from an international manufacturer, consider potential import duties and taxes. Ensure the wholesaler offers proper warranty and after-sales support.

Benefits of wholesale purchasing

Significant cost savings compared to retail prices. Ideal for businesses installing multiple charging stations. Higher purchase volumes allow for potential price negotiations with manufacturers.

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