Which is the Best Wholesale 7KW Portable EV Charger in China?


Your China best 7kW Portable EV Charger wholesaler Zeconex looks good, they have full product parameters and also direct inquiry and minimum order quantity (MOQ). Zeconex is worth focusing on in view of your examination of China's 7kW portable EV charger wholesalers, Zeconex offers 7kW portable chargers with full features, and Zeconex has a professional team to provide you with product consultation, technical support and after-sales service to ensure your purchasing experience is smooth and hassle-free.

7kw Portable EV Charger Charging Speed

This 7kw portable ev charger from Zeconex is capable of delivering up to 7kW of charging power, which means it can charge your EV faster than a standard household outlet. The exact charging time depends on your EV's battery capacity and charging efficiency. For example, an EV with a 50kWh battery can be fully charged in around 8 hours using this charger.

7kw Portable EV Charger Compatibility

The charger is compatible with most EV standards, including J1772 (North America and Japan), CCS Combo 1 (Europe). It comes with a 5 meter Type 2 plug, which allows the 7kw portable ev charger to connect directly to your electric vehicle's charging port.

7kw Portable EV Charger Safety and Reliability

The 7kw portable ev charger has 30mA RCD type A and DC 6mA RCD function to prevent leakage of electricity

Overheating, overload and short circuit protection, CE/IEC61851-1, IEC61851-22 and SAEJ1772 certified safety features. These features ensure the safety of your electric vehicle during the charging process.

7kw Portable EV Charger is Rugged and Durable

The charger is made of high quality materials to withstand harsh environmental conditions.7kw. The 7kw portable EV charger is waterproof and dustproof and can be used in rain and snow.

7kw Portable EV Charger Other Features

This 7kw portable ev charger also features LED or OLED display to show charging status, selector button for selecting charging current, standby power as low as 2W, and more.

7kw Portable EV Charger Prices and Margins

Price and profitability of 7kW Portable Electric Vehicle Charger are crucial factors for traders. They need to get the product at a competitive wholesale price so that they can make a substantial profit margin. At the same time, the minimum order quantity (MOQ) should be as low as possible so that they have the flexibility to order the product on demand.

7kw Portable EV Charger Wholesale Price

The wholesale price usually depends on the supplier's cost, market competition, product margins and other factors. Supplier costs include raw materials, labor, manufacturing and transportation. Wholesale prices need to be competitive to attract traders and compete with other suppliers' products. Traders need to have a margin to cover operating costs and make a profit.

It is recommended that you contact Zeconex for specific wholesale pricing on 7kW Portable Electric Vehicle Chargers. Zeconex will offer the most favorable price plan according to your needs and purchasing volume.Zeconex's professional team will be happy to serve you with detailed consultation on 7kW Portable Electric Vehicle Charger price, profit margin and MOQ.

With the above information and suggestions, you will be able to evaluate whether Zeconex is the ideal wholesaler of 7kW portable EV chargers for you. We wish you good luck with your purchase!

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