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5 kWh 10 kWh 51.2V LiFePo4 Powerwall Solar Battery Storage For House 


• LCD monitor the energy storage power data and operating status.

• High-quality LiFePO4 battery, safety, deep cycle and long lifespan.

• Air cooling to improve the reliability of the product.

• External main switch to reduce product power consumption and improve safety.

• Foot pads and wall brackets, which can meet the installation and use of different place.

• BMS bulit inside, over-voltage, over-load, over-temperature protection.

• Compatible, can be connected to different types of loads within the voltage range.

• Support up to 15 modules in parallel.

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  • description & TECH SPECS


Zeconex Powerwall Energy Storage Battery is a tesla powerwall solar battery replacement. It is rechargeable home battery system that is installed with solar panel. When the sun rises, solar begins powering the home. When additional power is required for the home, the home can pull it from the utility grid.

Zeconex Powerwall Energy Storage Battery is charged by solar during the day, when solar panels are producing more electricity than the home is consuming. Zeconex Powerwall Energy Storage Battery then stores that energy until the home needs it, such as when solar is no longer producing at night, or when the utility grid is offline during a power outage.

When the sun comes out the next day, solar recharges Zeconex Powerwall Energy Storage Battery so you have a cycle of clean, renewable energy.


• Home healthcare

• Home Backup

Tech Specs:




Basic Characteristics

Nominal Voltage



Nominal Capacity






lnner Resistance



Cell Type



Charging Characteristics

Charge Voltage



Standard Charging Current



Max.Continuous Charging Current



Discharge Characteristics

Standard Discharge Current



Continuous Discharge Current



Peak Discharge Current



Discharge Cut-off Voltage



Environmental Requirements

Charge Temperature Range



Discharge Temperature Range



Storage Temperature Range



Storaqe Humidity



Mechanical Characteristics




Package Size (L×W×H)



Shell Material



Net Weight



Gross Weight



Package Method

1pcs per carton

1pcs per carton

Others Characteristics

Cycle Life

≥6000 times

≥6000 times

Self Discharge

2% per month

2% per month

SOC Indication

LED Light & LCD Screen

LED Light & LCD Screen

Communication Protocol



Matching Inverter

Growatt, Goodwe, Deye, Luxpower, Zeconex etc

zeconex off grid inverter with solar battery

Top Powerwall Energy Solar Battery Storage Suppliers In China

Zeconex tops the ranks of Powerwall Energy Battery Storage Suppliers in China because:

• Our solar panels battery are made from high-quality batteries and other materials. It is made of cathode materials, battery cell and BMS (battery management system) and processed by Zeconex's self-developed core technologies. The storage battery are sturdy and will last you ages.

• Zeconex Powerwall energy storage battery systems is the latest HESS (home battery storage system). It features high energy and power density, and of course a long lifespan. Its easiness of installation and expansion reflect the real requirements of the end users and strong technical capability of Zeconex.  So far, it has served over 50000 families.

• Our solar battery storage for homes are available in a variety of size and capacity from smaller power perfect for small homes and  large capactiy to larger house that for solar energy storage.

• You can customize the brand, capacity, finish, and other features of your solar battery storage systems. We can help design solar panel battery storage to your exact requirements.

• Zeconex only supply the best batteries for solar power storage

Leading Solar Energy Storage Batteries Manufacturer

Zeconex is the leading solar panel battery storage manufacturer in the market because:

• Top Quality: Cycle 4000 times, Lifespan up to 10 years, it is  very large capacity battery.

• New Grade A LiFePO4 Battery: The solar energy storage system adopts brand-new A-class cells, which can be charged quickly and have good performance.

• Recognized Worldwide: We work with top raw material suppliers to ensure our home and commercial energy storage batteries exceed industry standards. Zeconex Lithium ion solar batteries have been installed in more than 50 countries.

zeconex powerwall home battery applications56
Zeconex Powerwall Energy Storage Battery application 4

• Our batteries for solar power storage are available for bulk orders at wholesale rates. We provide a one-window operation for all your batteries needs. You can buy energy storage batteries and solar panels at the same time.

• We can customize battery energy storage to your exact needs. We can add extra features like waterproofing and weatherproofing to make your battries last longer. Your solar battery storage system can be cut to fit your customized solar battery system and be ready to install as soon as they are delivered.

• Our excellent customer service means we’re always ready to help. We can help you choose the right solar energy storage batteries for your project. Our relationship with customers doesn’t end at the successful delivery of home battery storage products. We follow-up with our clients periodically to check if their solar energy storage products are functioning as promised.

Product Applications

Zeconex Powerwall Energy Storage Battery application 1
Zeconex Powerwall Energy Storage Battery application 3
Zeconex Powerwall Energy Storage Battery application 2

Project Case

zeconex off grid solar inverter with solar battery application
zeconex solar panel battery with inverter
zeconex hybrid solar inverter with solar battery application
zeconex pv inverter with powerwall battery
zeconex powerwall home battery applications53
zeconex off grid solar inverter with powerwall application
zeconex lithium solar batteries with solar inverter
zeconex solar battery system with solar inverter

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