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Commercial All in One ESS Energy Storage System


  • New class a high-reliability lithium iron phosphate battery, green and environmentally friendly
  • Intelligent integrated BMS, all-round protection strategy and fault detection
  • Built-in fire extinguishing device, automatically deal with ultra-early warning thermal runaway status
  • Bottom tripod design, standard cabinet for easy installation and easy maintenance
  • Modular design, parallel expansion, flexible choice of voltage and capacity
  • Large capacity, high charging and discharging efficiency, more than 6000 cycles

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The Commercial All-in-One ESS Energy Storage System is a comprehensive solution that integrates a battery, energy storage management system (BMS), and safety and security devices designed to meet a wide range of industrial and commercial energy storage needs. The energy storage systems consists of PCS, EMS, LiFePO4 battery packs and high voltage control system, as well as fire protection and cooling systems.

Zeconex Commercial All-in-One ESS Energy Storage System integrated commercial energy storage systems have fire protection and cooling systems to ensure safety and reliability. Industrial and commercial energy storage supporting grid-connected, off-grid, and hybrid photovoltaic systems can provide flexibility and renewable energy generation for your building.

Zeconex Commercial All-in-One ESS Energy Storage System comes in two standard capacity options: 100kWh and 215kWh. But that's not all. With our advanced parallel connection technology, you can scale your energy storage capacity up to a massive 2MWh, catering to the growing demands of your business or community.

From farms and livestock operations to hotels, schools, warehouses, communities, and solar parks, Zeconex ess energy storage system caters to a diverse range of applications.

Partner with Zeconex and experience the power of versatile and scalable all in one energy storage system solutions.

Tech Specs

Model Number



Cooling Method 


System Parameter



Battery Parameters

Rated Battery Capacity



Rated System Voltage



Battery Type

Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery (LFP)

Cell Capacity



Connection Method



PV Parameters

Max. PV Input Voltage


Max. PV Power



MPPT Quantity



MPPT Voltage Range


AC Parameters

Rated AC Power



Nominal AC Current Rating



Rated AC Voltage


Total Current Harmonic Distortion (THD)

<3% (Rated Power)

Power Factor Adjustable Range

1 Ahead ~ +1 Behind

General Parameters

Protection Level


Fire Protection 


Isolation Method

Non-isolated (Optional Transformer)

Operating Temperature

-25~60°C(Derating Above 45°C)

Operating Temperature

-25~60°C(Derating Above 45°C)

Dimension (W*H*D)







Electric Safety


EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility)


Grid-connected And Islanded


Energy Efficiency And The Environment


Product Features

System Flexibility

Energy storage systems support multiple operation modes - ZECO ESS can be configured for grid-tied, off-grid, and hybrid operation, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. This flexibility is attractive to customers with varying needs for backup power and grid integration.

Scalable Power

Energy storage systems multiple power and capacity options - ZECO ESS comes in two models (ZECO-ESS100, ZECO-ESS215) with different power (50kW, 100kW) and capacity (100kWh,215kWh) ratings. This allows customers to choose a system that best suits their energy requirements.

50kW100kWh All in One Energy Storage System
100kW215kWh ESS Energy Storage System

Safe and Reliable Design

Lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery chemistry - LFP batteries are known for their safety, long cycle life, and stability, making them a reliable choice for energy storage.

Air-cooled design - Air cooling offers a simpler and potentially lower maintenance solution compared to liquid-cooled systems.

Fire protection system - The use of aerosols/perfluorohexanone/heptafluoropropane for fire protection enhances system safety.

High protection level (IP54) - This rating ensures protection against dust and water ingress, making the system suitable for outdoor applications.

Grid Compatibility

Energy storage systems wide MPPT voltage range (200-850V) - This allows for compatibility with a variety of solar panel configurations.

Energy storage systems multiple MPPT inputs (2/4 or 4/8) - Enables efficient harvesting of solar energy even under uneven sunlight conditions.

Complies with grid connection and islanding standards (IEC62116): Ensures safe and reliable operation when connected to the grid or operating independently.

Zeconex Commercial All-in-One ESS in China

Are you a commercial customer looking for a reliable and versatile energy storage solution? Are you looking for Commercial All in One ESS Energy Storage System, Solar Energy Storage System, Lithium Battery Energy Storage System, Grid-tied Energy Storage System, Off-grid Energy Storage System, Hybrid Energy Storage System , Off-grid Energy Storage System, Hybrid Energy Storage System. Look no further than Zeconex, a leading supplier of Commercial All-in-One ESS (Energy Storage System) in China. Contact Zeconex today to discuss your project and receive a quote for our ZECO ESS series.

ESS Energy Storage System

Product Applications

All in One Energy Storage System
Commercial Energy Storage
Industrial Energy Storage

The All in One ESS Energy Storage System is ideal for commercial and industrial users to realize energy savings, improve energy efficiency and reduce operating costs.

A large manufacturing company installed a 100kWh commercial energy storage system, saving approximately $200,000 per year in electricity costs through peak and valley tariff management.

A large shopping center installed a 215kWh commercial energy storage system to help reduce electricity costs and provide emergency backup power.

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Advantages of Zeconex Battery Storage Systems

Durability and Reliability

Zeconex Solar Battery Storage Systems - Long-lasting, Safe, and Reliable

Zeconex Batteries - 8,000 Cycles and 10 Years of Lifespan

Zeconex - A Reliable Solar Battery Storage Solution

Advanced Technology

Zeconex - Utilizing New Prismatic LFP Batteries for Exceptional Performance

Zeconex - Fast Charging and Efficient Operation

Zeconex - Pioneering Innovation in Solar Battery Storage Technology

Global Recognition and Expertise

Zeconex - A Globally Recognized Solar Battery Storage Brand

Zeconex - Trusted Products in Over 50 Countries

Zeconex - Experts in Solar Battery Storage Solutions

Demonstrating Excellent Customer Service

Zeconex - Providing Professional Solar Battery Storage Solutions for You

Zeconex - Comprehensive Pre- and After-Sales Service for Your Peace of Mind

Zeconex - Committed to Providing You with the Best Solar Battery Storage Experience

Promoting One-Stop Shopping and Customization

Zeconex - One-Stop Solar Battery Storage Solutions

Zeconex - Batteries and Solar Panels, All in One Place

Zeconex - Customized Solar Battery Storage Systems to Meet Your Needs

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What is an ESS Energy Storage System?
An ESS (Energy Storage System) is a broader term encompassing any system that stores electrical energy for later use. It can be used in various applications, including commercial/industrial and grid-scale.

Difference Between ESS and BESS
ESS (Energy Storage System) is a general term for any system that stores electrical energy. BESS (Battery Energy Storage System) is a more specific term that refers to an ESS that uses batteries as the primary storage medium. While most commercial all-in-one ESS systems use batteries, other technologies like compressed air or pumped hydro storage can also be used in ESS applications.

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