• 30-40KW is the best charging station for EV fast charger
  • Friendly Interface 
    7-inch touch screen LCD and ring LED offer good user display requirements for charging.
  • Easy to Use
    The operation of the mobile charger is straightforward. Its lightweight, easy to move around and charging starts automatically once plugged in by the user.
  • Fast and Safety
    CCS2 CCS1 NACS and GB/T,more efficient charging IP54 protection level for outdoor installation.
  • Wide Application
    Compliant with OCPP 1.6 and above enables it to connect to the global EV charge management platform without additional integration and matching and load balancing.

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30KW 40KW Mobile DC Fast Charger, Fast Charging Anywhere, Anytime, Anywhere. ZECO30K-M2 and ZECO40K-M4, two efficient and convenient DC fast chargers for mobile charging station electric vehicle, are designed to provide instant power for your electric vehicle, wherever you are. Fast charging and ready to go. Fast charging and ready to go. 30kW or 40kW of power, your electric vehicle will be fully charged in no time, so don't wait too long. Mobile DC Fast Charger supports CCS2 and GB/T standards, and is compatible with most of the electric vehicle models on the market.

Flexible and convenient, easy to move. Compact and lightweight, it is easy to transport and install, providing you with charging service anytime and anywhere. mobile charger ev has optional load balance meter and CT to help you monitor the status of the power grid and ensure safe charging. Intelligent control, in control. 7-inch LCD touch screen, intuitive and easy to use, you can easily check the charging status and operation. ev charger mobile supports RFID card and APP scanning charging, which is more convenient and efficient. 2 warranty, peace of mind.

2-year warranty for peace of mind. ZECO 30KW 40KW Mobile DC Fast Charger is the ideal companion for your electric car traveling.

Tech Specs




Technical Features

Charging Capacity

Up to 30KW

Up to 40KW

Input/Output power

400VAC±10%-50/60Hz-3phase(CCS2 and GB/T)


400VAC±10%-50/60Hz-3phase(CCS2 and GB/T)


Power factor




Measuring accuracy

Level 0.5

Output voltage range


Output current range




ISO15118/DIN70121(between charger&vehicle)/Ethernet/4G/OCPP 1.6J(TLS1.2)

User interface

LCD 7 inch Touch Screen /RFID card and APP

 Energy Meter

CE certified


Type A



Load balancing

Load balancing meter and CT(optional)

Security design

Over/under voltage protection,overload protection,current leakage protection, grounding protection,lightening surge protection

DC Plugs

Cable 5M

Cable 5M

Physical Properties


2 years


Indoor & Outdoor


Wall mount, pedestal mount (optional)

Sound noise

<55DB in all directions

Operating temperature







Package Dimension



Net Weight



Gross Weight



Zeconex Mobile EV Charging Service - Your New Choice for Electric Vehicle Charging

mobile dc fast charger

Zeconex is committed to providing electric vehicle users with convenient, reliable and efficient mobile charging service. Our mobile ev charger can provide you with fast charging anytime, anywhere, so that you can travel without worry.

The advantages of Zeconex mobile ev charger service are convenient and flexible, fast charging, strong compatibility, intelligent control, safe and reliable, 2-year warranty, etc. mobile electric car charger is compact and lightweight, can be easily transported and installed, suitable for a variety of scenarios, such as parking lot, activity site, emergency charging, etc. Compact size, light weight, easy to transport and install, suitable for various scenes, such as parking lot, event site, emergency charging, etc.

Mobile EV Charger for Roadside Use

Roadside assistance companies - Many roadside assistance companies now offer mobile ev charging business, which can be a lifesaver for electric car drivers who run out of battery on the road.

Event Organizers - Event organizers are increasingly using mobile car charging to charge event attendees. This is a great way to attract EV drivers to events and promote sustainable transportation.

Parks and Recreation Departments - Parks and recreation departments are beginning to install Zeconex mobile chargers in parks and other public spaces, making it easier for people to charge their EVs while enjoying the outdoors.

Retail Businesses - Some retail businesses are installing Zeconex movable chargers in their parking lots to attract customers. This is a great way to show your customers that your business is committed to sustainability.

The Zeconex 30KW 40KW Mobile DC Fast Charger is a versatile and cost-effective solution for charging electric vehicles in a variety of locations. As the number of electric vehicles on the road continues to grow, mobile EV chargers are likely to play an increasingly important role in the EV charging infrastructure. Mobile EV Charger for Roadside Use, well worth the investment.

ev charger mobile
mobile electric car charger

Mobile EV Charging Service Cost

The affect mobile ev charging service cost depending on some factors including location, charger type, amount of charging required, service provider, etc. prices may be higher in areas where there is less competition or where there is higher demand. a 30kW charger is usually cheaper than a 40kW charger. The longer the charging time, the higher the service cost may be. Different companies may have different pricing structures. If you are interested in our mobile ev charging service, please contact Zeconex for a quote. We offer a professional guidance service.

Cloud Platform

Dedicated to enabling the future of e-Mobility by providing the most open, secure and robust charging network anywhere. A charging platform based on the cloud server makes it simple for charger owners to operate and customize chargers to meet their specific requirements. We provide everything you need to offer a complete EV charging solution.

  • Management System: A central system for charger operators manage charge points an monitor charging service. Status monitor, charger record, price management,firmware upgrade,remote diagnose,and load banlance are offered in one capable system. 
  • Mobile App: A charging App for EV drivers who needs charging service. Price, locations, availability,start/stop charging,and auto billing are available in an easy way.
  • Interoperability:Connections while e-Mobility Servise Providers who have EV drivers as customers are viable through the open charge point inter face protocol(OCPI)
  • zeconex ev charger cloud platform

    Mobile App

    The charging App connects EV drivers with charging stations, so that they can easily fifind a charger and enjoy the charging service. It enables users to do location search, charging monitor and payment settlement. All is done in a mobile phone.

    zeconex ev charging station app
    zeconex ev charging software app

    Product Applications

    ev charger mobile
    mobile charger ev
    mobile dc fast charger

    Mobile DC Fast Charger 8 FAQs

    What is a 30KW 40KW Mobile DC Fast Charger?

    30KW 40KW Mobile DC Fast Chargers are devices that provide fast charging for electric vehicles. They are compact, easy to transport and deploy and can be used in a variety of applications such as highway service areas, parking lots, shopping centers and event sites.

    What are the charging speeds of the 30KW and 40KW mobile DC fast chargers?

    The 30kW charging power can charge an electric vehicle from 0% to 80% in approximately 30 minutes, while the 40kW charging power is even faster. The exact charging time depends on factors such as battery capacity, charging power and charging status.

    How to use the 30KW 40KW Mobile DC Fast Charger?

    Connect the charger to a power outlet.

    Connect the charging cable to your electric vehicle.

    Select the charging mode and charging power.

    Start charging.

    Are the 30KW and 40KW Mobile DC Fast Chargers safe?

    Yes. 30KW and 40KW mobile DC fast chargers have multiple safety protection features, such as over-voltage protection, over-current protection, short-circuit protection, etc. to ensure safe charging.

    What is the scope of application of 30KW and 40KW mobile DC fast chargers?

    The 30KW and 40KW mobile DC fast chargers can be used for a wide range of electric vehicle models. Please make sure that the charging power of the charger is compatible with your electric vehicle.

    How much do the 30KW and 40KW Mobile DC Fast Chargers cost?

    Prices vary by supplier and model. Generally, a 40KW charger will cost slightly more than a 30KW charger.

    What are the maintenance requirements for 30KW and 40KW Mobile DC Fast Chargers?

    Maintenance requirements for 30KW and 40KW mobile DC fast chargers are relatively low. Regular cleaning and inspection of the charger is sufficient.

    Where can I buy a 30KW or 40KW Mobile DC Fast Charger?

    You can buy 30KW or 40KW mobile DC fast chargers from electric vehicle charging equipment suppliers, Zeconex is a reliable manufacturer in China, welcome to contact us.

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