14KW 22KW 44KW Commercial EV Charger With Advertising Screen


  • Perfect for shoppings, residential community garages, hotels, etc
  • Support Ethernet/4G/WIFI communication
  • Cashless payment, convience for customers for charging
  • On-screen control, tap to get payment
  • One charge with two output sockets
  • App control
  • 3 charging capacity for choosing, 14KW, 22KW, 44KW
  • A robust and durable construction, suitable for outdoor 
  • One charger with two output socket

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Zeconex's advertising pedestal EV Charger is a type of electric vehicle charging station that is designed to be used in large shooping centers, residential community garages. Its LED user interface has almost two thirds of the ev charger which is  super convenient for advertising. And most importantly, this ev charger can remotely update AD content. The display screen provides information about the charging process and the payment system allows users to pay for their charging fee.

Zeconex's advertising pedestal EV Charger is equipped with a charging port, a display screen, and a payment system. The one charger with two output sockets style is compatible with most electric vehicles and can be used to charge the vehicle quickly and easily.


  • Shopping centers
  • Residential community garages
  • Private house
  • Companies and hotels
  • EV dealers
  • Service workshops

Tech Specs:





Technical Features

Charging Capacity

Up to 14KW

Up to 22KW

Up to 44KW

Input/Output power








RCMU(Type A+ DC 6mA)/Type B RC CB(Optional)

Standby power


Measuring accuracy


Energy Meter

MID certified


OCPP1.6Json(OCPP2.0 optional)



User Interface

LCD 5 inch Touch Screen/RFID(mifare iso&IEC 14443A)



Charging Interface

Type2socket*2 or Type 2 Gun*2 5M

Special Protection

Over current protection, Residual current protection, Ground protection, Surge

protection, Over/Under voltage protection, Over/Under frequency protection,

Over/Under temperature protection

Advertising display

LCD screen

55*IPS 1920*1080 16:9 HDV 2500cd/㎡

Application platform

Android 4.3 and above



Ad update

USB flash disk, SD card, wired network romote release

Physical Properties


2 years



Special Protection

Topple & fall down protection


Natural cooling

Operating temperature

-20℃ to +55℃



Product Dimension


Package Dimension


Net Weight


Gross Weight


Zeconex ev charger application

Professional DC EV Fast Charger Manufacturer

Zeconex is a top EV fast Charger manufacturer, offering dc fast charger solutions for pubic buildings like retail and shopping centers, grocers, gas stations and convenience stores, hotels and parking lots for years.  It is a trusted brand that offers dc EV fast charging stations solutions & beyond.

Zeconex lays the foundations for a future of smarter, trustworthy, and emission-free mobility, obtainable by every person, almost everywhere. Zecoenx offers an overall EV charging solution from compact, high quality ac EV wall boxes, level 3 charging stations, and ev fast charging stations, DC fast charging stations with durable connection, to innovative on-demand electrical bus charging systems, we release infrastructure that meet the demands of the future generation of smarter mobility.

When making an investment on an fast DC EV charger we know that for our consumers it has to do with more than the ev charger. It's about having the ability to rely on the company you collaborate with. There are a great deal of business that sell ev chargers yet none that meet the values you already get out of Zeconex. Top quality. Safety. Longevity. You understand you can trust your electric automobile needs to Zeconex - a firm that has been giving safe and reliable ac & dc ev charger solutions for years. We have actually been there for you in the past, we will certainly be there for you and all your EV charger needs for years ahead.

Your Professional 90KW 150KW DC Fast EV Charger Supplier

Zeconex is a 150kw dc fast ev charging station manufacturer that have been tested at every step of the manufacturing process and the public commercial dc fast ev charger is one of our best-selling products. We offer customized fast charging stations for electric cars and dc electric car charger in different shapes, materials and specifications to suit your demand and preferences.

We strive to make your experience of using dc car charging stations the best. Give us a chance to provide you with the best quality and highly efficient commercial electric car dc fast charging stations to charge your electric vehicle. You can order customized commercial dc fast ev charger as per your preference along with a quote and charge your electric car as per your wish.

fast ev charger
ev fast charger

Why DC Fast EV charging stations?

Decrease charging time

DC fast EV chargers are obviously faster than regular AC charging stations, it takes between 15 and 45 mins to charge most electric vehicles as much as 80 percent-- making it quick and simple to charge on the go. Using Zeconex 90kw 150kw dc fast charging stations will save so much time for you. 

Gain loyal customers

As EV adoption boosts, EV drivers are trying to find reliable areas to charge. For businesses targeting this well-to-do market segment, Fast EV charging is an effective way to get brand-new customers and also have them return on a regular basis.

Drive sustainable change

With even more DC EV fast charging stations offered, one of the main obstacles to electric vehicle adoption--variety anxiety-- is reduced, placing your business as a front runner in the electric flexibility shift.

Yet no matter how your business aims to utilize commercial dc fast EV charging stations in the future, there is a whole lot to consider before investing. As EV charging stations can be found in several sizes and shapes, specifications.  It's very easy to get lost or overwhelmed. Where should you start?  Contat your proffessional commercial 150kw DC fast ev charger manufacturer Zeconex. We will answer all your questions and doubts about the commercial dc fast ev chargers.

Cloud Platform

Dedicated to enabling the future of e-Mobility by providing the most open, secure and robust charging network anywhere. A charging platform based on the cloud server makes it simple for charger owners to operate and customize chargers to meet their specific requirements. We provide everything you need to offer a complete EV charging solution.

  • Management System: A central system for charger operators manage charge points an monitor charging service. Status monitor, charger record, price management,firmware upgrade,remote diagnose,and load banlance are offered in one capable system. 
  • Mobile App: A charging App for EV drivers who needs charging service. Price, locations, availability,start/stop charging,and auto billing are available in an easy way.
  • Interoperability:Connections while e-Mobility Servise Providers who have EV drivers as customers are viable through the open charge point inter face protocol(OCPI)
  • zeconex ev charger cloud platform

    Mobile App

    The charging App connects EV drivers with charging stations, so that they can easily fifind a charger and enjoy the charging service. It enables users to do location search, charging monitor and payment settlement. All is done in a mobile phone.

    zeconex ev charging station app
    zeconex ev charging software app

    Product Applications

    Commercial EV Charger application
    EV Charger application
    Commercial EV Charger application parking lot

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