Twin Pedestal Commercial EV Charger


  • Convenient and Stylish Design
  • Intelligent WiFi Control
  • Easy to charge to install
  • App control
  • Cashless payment
  • Charging capacity up to 14KW, 22KW, 44KW
  • WIFI/Ethernet/4G communication for option
  • Over/Under frequency protection
  • Floor-stand installation
  • 30Ma RCD Type A and DC 6Ma RCD function or Type B(optional)
  • CE / EN/IEC 61851-1:2017, EN/IEC 61851-21-2:2018
  • Type 2 socket*2 or Type 2 Gun *2 5M

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The Zeconex Twin Pedestal commercial EV charger offers a variety of charging speeds, with a maximum output of up to 44 kW. This means that it can charge most electric vehicles (EVs) very quickly. The commercial EV charger is CE certified, which means that it meets European safety standards. It is also compliant with EN/IEC 61851-1:2017 and EN/IEC 61851-21-2:2018, which are international standards for electric vehicle charging equipment.
Commercial EV charger comes with two Type 2 sockets or two Type 2 charging guns. Type 2 is the most common type of charging connector in Europe and Asia. The guns are 5 meters long, which should provide enough reach for most EVs. The charger is equipped with a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) for safety. The GFCI will cut off power to the charger if it detects a ground fault, which could help to prevent electrical shock. The charger also has a DC 6mA RCD function, which can help to protect against direct current faults. Some models may also include an optional Type B RCD for additional protection.

Zeconex's twin pedestal EV charger is a great choice for those want a reliable and efficient charging solution for their electric vehicles. It is also energy efficient, saving your money on your electricity bills. The charger is easy to install and use, providing a fast and safe charging experience for electric vehicles.

Tech Specs





Technical Features

Charging Capacity

Up to 14KW

Up to 22KW

Up to 44KW

Input/Output power








30Ma RCD Type A and DC 6Ma RCD function or Type B(optional)

Standby power


Measuring accuracy


Energy Meter

MID certified


OCPP1.6Json(OCPP2.0 optional)



User Interface

LED / LCD(3.5’’) / RFID(mifare iso& IEC 14443A)


CE / EN/IEC 61851-1:2017, EN/IEC 61851-21-2:2018

Charging Interface

Type 2 socket*2 or Type 2 Gun *2 5M

Special Protection

Over current protection, Residual current protection, Ground protection, Surge

protection, Over/Under voltage protection, Over/Under frequency protection,

Over/Under temperature protection

Physical Properties


2 years


IP54, IK10


Galvanized steel

Front Panel

Temper glass




Natural cooling

Operating temperature

-30˚C to +55˚C



Product Dimensions


Package Dimension


Net Weight




Gross Weight




14 KW EV Charger

A 14 kW EV charger is a common type of charger that provides fast charging for most electric vehicles. It is usually used in residential and commercial locations.


The 14 kw ev charger has the advantages of a suitable price, easy installation, and fast charging.14 kw chargers are one of the cheapest types of chargers on the market.14 kw chargers are usually easy to install and do not require special tools or expertise.14 kw chargers can provide a full charge for most electric vehicles in a few hours.


14 kw ev chargers have the disadvantage of being slower to charge and are not suitable for larger EVs. Compared to higher power chargers, 14 kW chargers charge slowly. 14 kW chargers may not be suitable for larger EVs that require fast charging.

22 KW EV Charger

22 KW EV chargers are a more powerful type of charger than 14 KW chargers. They provide faster charging speeds for EVs and are typically used in commercial locations and public charging stations.


Fast charging speeds for large EVs are the advantages of the 22 kw ev charger.The 22 kW charger can fully charge most EVs in 1-2 hours.The 22 kW charger is suitable for large EVs that require fast charging.


Higher price and more complicated installation are the disadvantages of the 22 kw ev charger, 22 kw chargers are more expensive than 14 kw chargers. 22 kw chargers usually require a professional electrician to install.

chargers commercial
commercial electric car chargers

44 KW KW EV Charger

44 KW EV chargers are one of the most powerful types of chargers on the market today. They provide the fastest charging speeds for EVs and are typically used at public charging stations.


The 44kw ev charger has the advantage of being the fastest charging charger for all electric vehicles.The 44 kW charger can fully charge most electric vehicles in less than 30 minutes.The 44 kW charger is suitable for all types of electric vehicles, including large electric vehicles.The 44 kW EV Charger is a great charger for all types of electric vehicles, including large electric vehicles.


The 44kw ev charger has the disadvantage of being the most expensive and complicated to install, the 44 kW charger is the most expensive type of charger on the market.The 44 kW charger needs to be installed by a professional electrician and requires a three phase power supply.

Cloud Platform

Dedicated to enabling the future of e-Mobility by providing the most open, secure and robust charging network anywhere. A charging platform based on the cloud server makes it simple for charger owners to operate and customize chargers to meet their specific requirements. We provide everything you need to offer a complete EV charging solution.

  • Management System: A central system for charger operators manage charge points an monitor charging service. Status monitor, charger record, price management,firmware upgrade,remote diagnose,and load banlance are offered in one capable system. 
  • Mobile App: A charging App for EV drivers who needs charging service. Price, locations, availability,start/stop charging,and auto billing are available in an easy way.
  • Interoperability:Connections while e-Mobility Servise Providers who have EV drivers as customers are viable through the open charge point inter face protocol(OCPI)
  • zeconex ev charger cloud platform

    Mobile App

    The charging App connects EV drivers with charging stations, so that they can easily fifind a charger and enjoy the charging service. It enables users to do location search, charging monitor and payment settlement. All is done in a mobile phone.

    zeconex ev charging station app
    zeconex ev charging software app

    Product Applications

  • Shopping centers
  • Residential community garages
  • Private house
  • Companies and hotels
  • EV dealers
  • Service workshops
  • Invest in the future of transportation and enhance your business image with Twin Pedestal Commercial EV chargers. Contact Zeconex today for bulk purchase options and a customized quote!

    chargers commercial
    best ev chargers for business
    commercial electric car chargers

    Why Choose Zeconex Twin Pedestal Commercial EV Chargers?

    Dual Charging Stations - Equip two vehicles simultaneously with our twin pedestal design, maximizing efficiency and customer satisfaction.
    Ultra-Fast Charging - Our chargers offer a variety of configurations to deliver charging speeds of up to 44 kW, getting customers back on the road quickly.
    Smart Functionality - The chargers boast a suite of intelligent features like OCPP 1.6/2.0 Json communication protocols and MID certified energy metering for seamless network integration and cost optimization.
    Multiple User Options - Provide flexibility with user interface options including LED, LCD display, and RFID access control.
    Unmatched Durability - Built to withstand the elements, our chargers feature a galvanized steel enclosure, tempered glass front panel, and an IP54 weatherproof rating.
    Safety First - Backed by CE certification and comprehensive protection features, our chargers prioritize user and equipment safety.
    Peace of Mind Warranty - Enjoy peace of mind with a robust 2-year warranty.

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