What Is Solar Inverter?

Solar Inverter or PV Inverter is one of the most important components of the solar power system and is usually referred to as the heart of a solar PV systems. It converts DC (like 12V/ 24V/ 48V) electricity from solar panel into AC (like 120V/ 230V/ 240V ) power required to run your applicances.

How Does It Work?

A solar inverter works by taking in the variable direct current, or 'DC' output, from your solar panels and transforming it into alternating 120V/240V current, or 'AC' output. The appliances in your home run on AC, not DC, which is why the solar inverter must change the DC output that is collected by your solar panels.

To be a little more technical, the sun shines down on your solar panels (or photovoltaic (PV) cells), which are made of semiconductor layers of crystalline silicon or gallium arsenide. These layers are a combo of both positive and negative layers, which are connected by a junction. When the sun shines, the semiconductor layers absorb the light and send the energy to the PV cell. This energy runs around and bumps electrons lose, and they move between the positive and negative layers, producing an electric current known as direct current (DC). Once this energy is produced, it is either stored in a battery for later use or sent directly to an inverter (this depends on the type of system you have).

zeconex solar inverter for home

When the energy gets sent to the inverter, it is in DC format but your home requires AC. The inverter grabs the energy and runs it through a transformer, which then spits out an AC output. The inverter, in essence, 'tricks' the transformer into thinking that the DC is actually AC, by forcing it to act in a way like AC – the inverter runs the DC through two or more transistors that turn on and off super fast and feed two varying sides of the transformer.

Solar Inverter


Zeconex offers a complete range of photovoltaic inverters for your solar panels at the wholesale prices. Zeconex manufacturer Solar Inverters for Grid-Tie and Off-Grid.

  • In off-grid systems a charge controller sends DC power to a battery bank, then an inverter converts the DC to AC for the home.
  • In grid-tie systems with no battery bank, DC power goes straight to the inverter, and then to the home as AC. Excess AC power is sent "backwards" through a special two-way net meter, and out to the power grid for others to use. Your meter runs forward or backwards depending on if you are buying or selling power at the time.
  • hybrid system connects to both a battery bank and the utility grid, letting you draw or send power from both.

Every home and commercial property requires different solar needs. It is important to choose the right solar inverter for your project. Zeconex offers free consultations for solar panel system , with over 12 year of experience, when you choose Zeconex you know you are in safe hands. Contact us today or click below button to talk to a solar expert!

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Top Solar Inverter Suppliers In China

Zeconex tops the ranks of Solar Inverter Suppliers in China because:

  • Our solar inverters are made from high-quality electronics and other materials. It is  processed by Zeconex's self-developed core technologies. The solar inverters  are sturdy and will last you ages.
  • Zeconex offer a wide range of home solar inverters, which including  Grid-Tie Inverter, Off-Grid Inverter, and hybrid inverter. It features high energy and power density, and of course a long lifespan. Its easiness of installation and expansion reflect the real requirements of the end users and strong technical capability of Zeconex.  So far, it has served over 50000 families.
  • Our solar inverters for homes are available in a variety of size and capacity from smaller power perfect for small homes and  large capactiy to larger house that for solar energy storage.
  • You can customize the brand, capacity, finish, and other features of your solar inverters. We can help design solar inverters to your exact requirements.
  • Zeconex only supply the best solar inverters for home

Leading Solar Inverter Manufacturer

Zeconex is the leading solar inverter manufacturer in the market because:

  • Top Quality

  • Flexible Configuration:  IP65 waterproof solar inverter available for option, Supports up to 6 devices of the same model connected in parallel(forming a single-phase, split-phase, three-phase electrical system)

  • Recognized Worldwide: We work with top raw material suppliers to ensure our home solar inverters exceed industry standards. Zeconex Grid-Tie Inverters, Off-Grid Inverters, and hybrid inverters have been installed in more than 50 countries.

zeconex 5kw inverter with solar battery application
zeconex best solar battery with solar inverter
  • Our Solar Inverters are available for bulk orders at wholesale rates. We provide a one-window operation for all your solar inverter needs. You can buy solar batteries, solar inverters and solar panels at the same time.
  • We can customize Solar Inverter to your exact needs. Your solar inverters can be cut to fit your customized solar inverter and be ready to install as soon as they are delivered.
  • Our excellent customer service means we’re always ready to help. We can help you choose the right solar inverters for your project. Our relationship with customers doesn’t end at the successful delivery of solar inverters products. We follow-up with our clients periodically to check if their solar inverters products are functioning as promised.

Project Case

zeconex powerwall home battery applications50
zeconex off grid solar inverter with powerwall application
zeconex off grid solar inverter with solar battery application
zeconex powerwall solar battery with inverter
zeconex pv inverter with powerwall battery
zeconex solar battery storage with inverter
zeconex solar battery system with solar inverter
zeconex solar battery with inverter

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