How Much Power Does a Commercial EV Charger Use?


With the popularity of electric vehicles, commercial EV chargers are becoming more and more popular.Zeconex, as a professional commercial EV charger supplier, is committed to providing customers with safe, reliable and efficient charging solutions. Today, we will focus on the power consumption of commercial EV chargers to help you better understand the charging cost and choose the right charger.

Commercial EV Charger Power Levels

Commercial EV chargers are typically categorized into three levels, differentiated by the level of power output they provide - Level 1 chargers, Level 2 chargers, and Level 3 chargers. Level 1 chargers are the least powerful, typically 3.3 kW, and are intended for nighttime or long-duration charging. Level 2 chargers are more powerful, typically 7-19.2 kW, and are used during the day or when rapid charging is required. Level 3 chargers are the most powerful, typically 50-350 kW, and are suitable for fast charging stations that can fully charge an EV in a short period of time.

Calculating the Power Consumption of a Commercial Electric Vehicle Charger

The power consumption of a commercial EV charger depends on the charger power level, battery capacity, charging efficiency and other factors. The higher the power level of the charger, the higher the power consumption. The higher the battery capacity, the higher the power consumption. The higher the charging efficiency, the lower the power consumption.

Generally speaking, it takes about 15 hours for a Level 1 charger to fully charge an electric vehicle with a 50 kWh battery, consuming about 75 kWh. A Level 2 charger takes about 5-8 hours to fully charge the same EV and consumes about 37.5-60 kWh of electricity. Level 3 chargers can fully charge the same EV to about 80%, using about 20-28 kWh of electricity.

Commercial EV Charger

How to Reduce Commercial EV Charger Power Consumption

In order to reduce the power consumption of commercial EV chargers, you can choose the right charger power level, optimize the charging time, and regularly maintain the charger. Choose the right charger power level according to the actual charging demand to avoid waste due to excessive power. Try to charge at times when electricity prices are lower, such as at night or on holidays. Ensure the charger is in good working condition to improve charging efficiency.

Advantages of Zeconex Commercial Electric Vehicle Chargers

Zeconex Commercial EV Charger adopts advanced technology with charging efficiency up to 95% or more, which can effectively reduce power consumption.Commercial EV Charger is made of high quality materials and components to ensure safe and reliable charging.Commercial EV Charger supports remote monitoring and management, which is convenient for users to check the charging status and control the charging process.

Zeconex is committed to providing our customers with quality commercial EV charging solutions that help you reduce charging costs and improve charging efficiency.

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