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Looking for a reliable and cost-effective way to charge your electric vehicle (EV)? Look no further than Zeconex! We are a leading manufacturer of high-quality EV chargers, dedicated to providing you with the perfect solution for your home or business needs.

Electric Car Charger Suppliers

An electric car charger supplier is a company that sells electric car chargers to wholesalers, retailers or consumers. ev charger manufacturers can be manufacturers, wholesalers or retailers. Zeconex offers a range of competitively priced EV chargers to fit your budget, without sacrificing quality or functionality.

Wholesale Electric Car Chargers

Wholesale electric car chargers is the business of selling electric car chargers to retailers or dealers at wholesale prices. Wholesalers usually buy chargers from manufacturers or importers and then sell them to retailers or dealers at a lower price. Whether you need a convenient charger for your home garage or a powerful unit for a commercial setting, Zeconex has you covered.

How to Become an Electric Vehicle Charger Wholesaler

Find the right supplier - Wholesalers need to find reliable suppliers that can provide quality chargers and good service. Choose Zeconex supplier, a reliable and trustworthy China electric car charger supplier.

Get necessary licenses and certifications-Wholesalers need to get necessary licenses and certifications to sell electric car chargers.

Establish a good marketing strategy-Wholesalers need to develop a good marketing strategy in order to attract retailers or distributors.

Contact Zeconex electric car charger manufacturers if interested in our products.

What electric car charger manufacturers need to have capability

An electric car charger manufacturer is a company that designs, manufactures and sells electric car chargers. Electric car charger manufacturers need to have product design capability, manufacturing capability, testing capability, and marketing capability.

High-Quality EV Charger Manufacturer

High Quality Electric Vehicle Charger

A high quality EV charger is one that is manufactured using quality materials and components and has a good safety record. High quality EV chargers are usually characterized by the following features.

Uses quality materials and components - High quality chargers use quality materials and components such as durable housings, highly conductive cables and reliable connectors.

Have good safety features - High-quality chargers have good safety features, such as overcharge protection, short-circuit protection and leakage protection.

Rigorously Tested - High quality chargers undergo rigorous testing to ensure their safety and performance.

Multi-functional Electric Vehicle Charger

Multi-functional EV chargers are chargers with multiple functions to meet different customers' needs. Multi-function chargers usually have the following features.

Programmable Timed Charging - Users can set the charger to start or stop charging at a specific time.

Multiple Charging Modes - The charger provides multiple charging modes, such as standard charging, fast charging and trickle charging.

Compatible with a wide range of electric vehicles - The charger is compatible with a wide range of electric vehicle makes and models.

Affordable Electric Vehicle Chargers

Affordable electric car chargers are chargers that are reasonably priced and acceptable to most consumers. Affordable chargers are usually characterized by.

Use of Cost-Effective Materials and Components - Chargers use cost-effective materials and components to reduce costs without sacrificing quality.

Basic Features - Chargers offer basic features such as standard charging and overcharge protection.

Limited Warranty-The chargers come with a limited warranty.

Electric Vehicle Charger OEM/ODM

An electric vehicle charger OEM/ODM is a charger that is custom-designed by an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or original design manufacturer (ODM) for a customer.

OEM: An OEM is a company that manufactures chargers based on a customer's brand and specifications.

ODM: An ODM is a company that designs and manufactures chargers and then sells them under the customer's brand name.

Zeconex suppliers support OEM/ODM.

Advantages of OEM/ODM for electric vehicle chargers

Customized Design - Customers can customize the design of the charger according to their needs.

Branding Advantage-Customers can sell chargers under their own brand name.

What factors do traders consider when wholesaling electric car chargers?

Product Quality - The quality of the charger is crucial as they need to be able to work consistently and reliably. Traders can search for chargers that are manufactured using quality materials and components and have a good safety record.

Product Features - Chargers should have features that meet the needs of different customers. Traders can look for chargers that offer a variety of features, such as programmable timed charging, overcharge protection and short circuit protection.

Product Price - The price of the charger is another important consideration. Traders can search for competitively priced chargers to make a profit.

Supplier Reputation-Traders want to work with reputable suppliers. They can search for suppliers that have a good reputation and a proven track record.

Customer Service-Traders need to be able to access good customer service to address any questions or concerns. They can search for suppliers that provide prompt and effective customer service.

Wholesale Electric Car Chargers

FAQ for Wholesale Electric Vehicle Charger for Traders

What types of electric car chargers do you offer?

We offer various types of electric vehicle chargers, including home ev charger, commercial ev charger, fast ev charger, ev charger with digital display.Our chargers are suitable for various application scenarios, such as residential, commercial, public place and fleet charging.

what are the advantages of your EV chargers?

Our electric car chargers have the following advantages.

High Quality - We use only high quality materials and components to manufacture our chargers, ensuring that they are safe, reliable and durable.

High Efficiency - Our chargers are highly efficient, minimizing energy waste.

Multiple Functions - Our chargers have multiple functions such as programmable timer charging, overcharge protection and short circuit protection.

Fully Certified - Our chargers meet all relevant safety standards and certifications.

Affordable pricing - We offer competitive pricing to our wholesale customers.

What value-added services do you offer?

We provide the following value-added services to our wholesale customers:

OEM/ODM service - We can customize the charger according to your requirements, including logo, packaging.

Technical Support - We provide professional technical support to help you solve pre-sale and after-sale problems.

Marketing Support - We provide marketing materials and support to help you promote our products.

What is your minimum order quantity?

Our minimum order quantities vary depending on the type of product. Please contact us for more information.

What are your payment terms?

We support the EXW payment method.

What is your delivery time?

Our delivery time depends on the order quantity and product complexity. Usually, the delivery time for samples is about 1-2 weeks after payment, and the delivery time for bulk orders is 4-5 weeks after payment.

Do you provide a delivery service?

We can provide a delivery service. The shipping cost will be calculated according to the order quantity and shipping address.

How can I get a quote from you?

Please contact us for a quote. Please let us know the type of products you need, quantity and other requirements. 9.

Can I visit your factory?

You are welcome to visit our factory. Please make an appointment in advance.

How can I learn more about your company and products?

Please visit our website(https://www.zeconex.com/) or contact us for more information.