What Is the Wholesale Price of EV Car Portable Charger in the Market?


The exact wholesale price of EV car portable chargers depends on several factors, making it difficult to give a single definitive answer. However, Zeconex can provide some information to help you estimate the cost.

Power Rating - The price generally increases with the charger's power rating. Common portable charger ratings are 3.5KW and 7KW.

Manufacturer & Brand - Different manufacturers and brands will have varying pricing strategies.

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) - Wholesalers often require a minimum order quantity, which can affect the per-unit price.

Features - Chargers with additional features like weatherproofing or multiple charging ports may cost more.

3.5KW Portable Charger Wholesale prices

Wholesale prices can range from $341 to $857.20 on platforms like Alibaba.com and AliExpress.com (remember these are for reference and may not reflect actual MOQ pricing).

7KW Portable Charger Wholesale prices

Limited data available, but likely starts around $857.20 and goes higher based on the above factors.

How to Get More Accurate Wholesale Prices for Portable Ev Chargers?

Contact EV Charger Manufacturers in China - Many manufacturers in China specialize in portable EV chargers. Search for them online and contact their sales teams directly to inquire about wholesale pricing and MOQ requirements.

B2B platforms - Platforms like Alibaba.com often have suppliers listing their products with wholesale pricing information. You can search for "EV Car Portable Charger Wholesale" and filter by price range and other criteria.

These factors and reaching out to wholesalers directly, you can get a more accurate idea of the wholesale price of EV car portable chargers for your specific needs.

Zeconex EV Car Portable Chargers

Zeconex offers a range of 3.5KW and 7KW EV Car Portable Chargers at wholesale prices. They are designed for convenient and safe charging of electric vehicles at home, work, or on the go. They come in two power ratings: 3.5KW and 7KW, catering to different charging needs.

Portable EV Charger

3.5KW 7KW EV Car Portable Charger

EV Car Portable Charger

3.5KW 7KW EV Car Portable Charger

portable chargers for ev cars

3.5KW 7KW EV Car Portable Charger

Portable EV Chargers Key Features

Power Ratings - 3.5KW and 7KW options to suit various charging requirements.

5M Cable - A long cable provides flexibility for reaching charging ports.

Type 2 Plug - Compatible with Type 2 charging inlets commonly found in Europe and other regions.

Certifications - CE/IEC61851-1, IEC61851-22, SAEJ1772 ensure safety and compliance.

User Interface - LED or OLED display (model dependent) for clear charging information.

Select Button - Allows users to choose between charging modes or adjust settings.

Portable EV Chargers Wholesale Pricing

Zeconex wholesale pricing for their EV car portable chargers is generally competitive and varies based on factors like order quantity and specific models. To get accurate wholesale quotes, it's to contact Zeconex directly or through their authorized distributors.