Commercial EV Charging Cooperation Case


The cooperation between Tesla and Starbucks is a typical example of commercial electric vehicle charging cooperation. This collaboration brings benefits to both parties. The success of this collaboration demonstrates the huge market potential for commercial electric vehicle charging. By partnering with other businesses, EV charging providers can expand market share and provide customers with a more convenient charging experience.

For Tesla, this cooperation expands the coverage of Tesla’s Supercharger network and provides Tesla owners with more convenient charging options. Tesla Supercharger charging stations charge very quickly, allowing Tesla owners to fully charge their batteries in a short time. This cooperation has also increased Tesla's brand awareness and attracted more potential customers.

For Starbucks, the partnership has attracted more traffic. Tesla owners often rest or spend money in Starbucks stores while charging, providing Starbucks with a new customer base. In addition, the partnership raises Starbucks' profile as a premier destination for electric vehicle enthusiasts.

Tesla and Starbucks have installed Tesla Superchargers at hundreds of Starbucks stores in the United States and Canada. This collaboration provides Tesla owners with convenient charging options and brings more traffic to Starbucks stores.

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Factors for Successful Collaboration

Both parties have the same goal: Tesla wants to expand the coverage of the Supercharger network, and Starbucks wants to attract more customers. The goals of both parties are consistent, which provides a good foundation for cooperation.

The cooperation between the two parties is flexible: Tesla provides Starbucks with free Supercharger charging piles, while Starbucks provides Tesla owners with discounted coffee and food. The cooperation method between the two parties is flexible and is conducive to maximizing the interests of both parties.

The cooperation between the two parties is highly publicized: Both Tesla and Starbucks have vigorously promoted this cooperation, which laid the foundation for the success of the cooperation.

EV Charger Manufacturer

Zeconex is looking for charging pile operators to cooperate and purchase our electric vehicle chargers to install in public places to provide charging services for electric vehicle users. Zeconex is a leading manufacturer of electric vehicle chargers and other energy storage solutions, headquartered in Shenzhen, China.

Zeconex Services

Over 10 years of experience: Established in the industry, with a proven track record of quality and reliability.

Comprehensive product portfolio: Caters to diverse needs and user groups.

Focus on innovation: Constantly developing new technologies and features for their chargers.

International presence: Exports products to various countries across the globe.

Provide chargers: Provide chargers for charging pile operators, who are responsible for installation and operation.

Provide charging services: Cooperate with charging pile operators to jointly provide charging services.

Provide technical support: Provide technical support to charging pile operators to help them operate charging piles better.

Electric Vehicle Charger Products

Portable EV chargers: Ideal for individual users who want to charge their EVs at home or on the go.

Home EV chargers: Provide convenient and fast charging for residential settings.

Commercial EV chargers: Designed for businesses and public spaces, offering higher power output and faster charging times.

DC fast chargers: Ideal for high-traffic areas like highways and parking garages, allowing for rapid charging in minutes.

Digital EV chargers: Equipped with intelligent features like display screens and data monitoring capabilities.