What are 3 Energy Storage Systems?


Physical energy storage - converting electrical energy into other forms of physical energy for storage, such as:

Pumped storage - using a pump to pump water to a high water level reservoir to store energy, and releasing water to generate electricity when needed.

Compressed air energy storage - using a compressor to compress air to store energy, and releasing compressed air when needed to drive a turbine to generate electricity.

Flywheel energy storage - using the rotational kinetic energy of a flywheel to store energy, and converting kinetic energy into electrical energy when needed.

Electromagnetic energy storage - converting electrical energy into electromagnetic field energy for storage, such as:

Supercapacitors - using electric charges to store energy in an electric field between two plates.

Superconducting magnetic energy storage - using the magnetic field generated by superconducting materials in the superconducting state to store energy.

Electrochemical energy storage - converting electrical energy into chemical energy for storage, such as:

Batteries - converting electrical energy into chemical energy through chemical reactions and storing it, and converting chemical energy into electrical energy through chemical reactions when needed.

All-in-One ESS - Power Your Business with Confidence

This commercial All-in-One ESS (Energy Storage System) offers a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking reliable and sustainable energy management.

50kW100kWh Commercial Energy Storage System

Key Features

Advanced Battery Technology - Equipped with a new Class A high-reliability Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery, this system prioritizes safety, eco-friendliness, and long lifespan.

Intelligent Control - The integrated Battery Management System (BMS) provides intelligent management, all-around protection strategies, and real-time fault detection for optimal performance and safety.

Enhanced Safety Features - The built-in fire extinguishing device automatically addresses ultra-early warning thermal runaway situations, ensuring maximum safety.

Simplified Installation & Maintenance - The user-friendly bottom tripod design and standardized cabinet simplify installation and maintenance processes.

Scalable Design - The modular design allows for parallel expansion, offering flexible choices for voltage and capacity to meet your specific needs.

High Performance - The system boasts a large energy storage capacity, high charging and discharging efficiency, and a long lifespan exceeding 6,000 cycles.

Benefits of Your Business

Reduced Energy Costs - Store excess energy during off-peak hours and utilize it during peak periods to minimize reliance on the grid and potentially lower electricity bills.

Improved Power Reliability - Ensure uninterrupted power supply for critical operations during grid outages or power fluctuations.

Enhanced Sustainability - Contribute to a greener environment with eco-friendly LiFePO4 battery technology.

Simplified Management - The intelligent control system provides real-time monitoring and simplifies overall system management.

Scalability - Easily adapt the system's capacity to meet your growing energy demands.

This All-in-One ESS is a Powerful Solution for Businesses Seeking.

Reduce energy costs and dependence on the grid.

Improve power reliability and safeguard critical operations.

Embrace a more sustainable energy future.

Considering an All-in-One ESS for your business?


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100kW215kWh Industrial Energy Storage


The ZECO-ESS100 is a 50kW/100kWh all-in-one energy storage system. Its compact design and air-cooled operation make it suitable for most homes. With a 100kWh capacity, it can store enough energy to power your essential appliances during an outage or offset daytime electricity use with self-generated solar power.

The ZECO-ESS215 is a 100kW/215kWh all-in-one energy storage system designed for homes with significant power demands. This larger capacity caters to larger homes with many appliances or those who want to charge an electric vehicle at home. It also boasts a higher 100kW output, allowing you to power more devices during an outage.

Benefits of using the All-in-One ESS Energy Storage System

  1. Simplified installation and maintenance

The all-in-one design simplifies installation and maintenance by integrating all components into one compact unit. There is no need to install separate inverters, batteries and energy management systems, saving time and space. In addition, all-in-one units often have standardized dimensions and interfaces for easy replacement and maintenance.

  1. Improved efficiency and performance

An all-in-one design optimizes the collaboration between the inverter, battery and energy management system, improving overall efficiency and performance. For example, an all-in-one can coordinate battery charging and discharging with the inverter to maximize energy efficiency and minimize losses.

  1. Cost reduction

The all-in-one design reduces overall system costs. An all-in-one is often more affordable than purchasing separate inverters, batteries and energy management systems. In addition, an all-in-one can simplify installation and maintenance, thereby reducing labor costs.

  1. Improved safety

The all-in-one design improves the safety of the system. All components are carefully designed and matched to ensure safe and reliable operation. In addition, MFPs are usually equipped with comprehensive protection features, such as overload protection, overvoltage protection and over-temperature protection, which can effectively prevent accidents.

  1. Improved space utilization

The compact size of the All-in-One design saves space. This is especially important in applications where space is limited, such as homes and small businesses.

  1. Simplified operation and management

All-in-one units are often equipped with intelligent control systems that simplify operation and management. Users can easily monitor and control system operation via smartphone or computer.