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In the past 20 years, great progress has been made at home and abroad in key technologies for electric vehicles such as batteries, motors, and electronic controls, and household electric vehicles suitable for my country's national conditions have been developed. As a component of new energy vehicles, household electric vehicles have been identified as a strategic emerging industry by the country and are accelerating industrialization. In order for household electric vehicles to enter thousands of households, the problem of charging difficulties must first be solved. Therefore, studying the charging system and development strategies of household electric vehicles is of great significance to the industrialization of household electric vehicles.

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The Home Electric Car Charger is a device for charging electric vehicle batteries that can be installed in a home garage, parking space, or other convenient location. Home Electric Car Charger can provide safe, reliable and fast charging services. Home Electric Car Charger allows you to easily charge your electric car at home.

Charging difficulties have become a bottleneck in the development of household electric vehicles

(1) Home electric vehicles already have technology and market conditions for industrialization

In the 1980s, my country has already carried out research on new energy vehicles. After major special projects during the "Tenth Five-Year Plan" and "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" periods, breakthroughs have been made in the fields of key components such as motors, batteries and control systems. development, technical indicators have certain advantages, forming the largest electric vehicle parts industry in the world; in terms of technical standards and testing capabilities, 35 technical standards have been introduced, and vehicle batteries, motors, complete vehicles and technology have been established. In terms of vehicle technology, it has established a power system technology platform with independent intellectual property rights, mastered vehicle integration technology, and developed products such as F3DM and S18. At present, the cruising range and maximum speed of household electric vehicles have reached 150km and 120km/h. Although they are not comparable to traditional fuel vehicles, they can meet urban road conditions and residents' travel requirements.

Developed countries are dominated by middle-income people, and cars have long been popular. Electric vehicles are a substitute for traditional fuel vehicles. Therefore, they emphasize the development of electric vehicles that are comparable to fuel vehicles. This is precisely what the current technology and cost are difficult to achieve. Therefore, developed countries do not Eager to promote electric vehicles. In our country, middle- and low-income people are the main group. They will be the main buyers of cars in the future, and they mainly buy small cars with a price of less than 100,000 yuan. Although the performance of household electric vehicles cannot yet reach the performance of traditional cars, with the support of the national purchase policy, the price is equivalent to that of small cars, and the operating costs are low, and they can completely replace small cars on the market. My country's automobiles have just begun to popularize among this group, and the overall penetration rate is less than half of the world average. It has great potential and has unique market conditions for the development of household electric vehicles.

(2) Charging difficulties seriously restrict the industrialization of household electric vehicles

Similar to how traditional cars are refueled from the outside, household electric cars also need to obtain electric energy from the outside. However, the charging of electric cars has its own characteristics and cannot copy the model of gas stations. The domestic charging system is still in the market exploration stage, focusing on public charging stations and battery rental. Some cities such as Guangzhou and Shenzhen have proposed to establish charging piles in community parking lots.

The industrialization of household electric vehicles requires the construction of charging facilities in advance. Currently, charging facilities are scarce in number and coverage, and charging difficulties have become prominent factors restricting the industrialization of household electric vehicles. Discussing the influencing factors of household electric vehicle charging, choosing the correct charging mode, shortening the "market test" process, and quickly improving charging facilities will effectively promote the industrialization process of household electric vehicles.

Household electric vehicles are the most important members of the electric vehicle family. The industrialization of household electric vehicles can promote the healthy development of the electric vehicle parts industry, significantly reduce battery costs, and drive the entire industry to form a self-accumulating development mechanism. Studying the charging mode of household electric vehicles and formulating correct development policies are also important links to promoting the development of the entire electric vehicle industry.

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The Zeconex Level 2 Home Electric Vehicle Charger is a charging device suitable for home installation that can provide safe, reliable and fast charging services for your electric vehicles. This product provides three power options: 7KW, 11KW and 22KW, which can meet different models and charging needs.

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Choose the right charging power: Choose the right charging power based on your EV battery capacity and charging needs.

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